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Wyoming Secrets

Supervising Secret Service Agent Jessica Fukishura, gained fame with the killing of two French-Iranian sympathizers during an attack on U.S. President Bakus in France. She uncovered sleeper antagonists in President Bakus' hometown and a clandestine pack train supply system through Yellowstone National Park. Native Americans from an Idaho reservation receive drugs smuggled on rail cars, move them covertly by pack train into Wyoming,and return with explosives for the Christians for a Better America's Idaho mountain facility. The Idaho smugglers' attempt to mask their operation results in a Sheriff's murder, an exhaustive manhunt and an FBI investigation in conflict with Fukishura's assignment...

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Wyoming Secrets Cover

Wyoming Secrets - A 'J' Team Novel - Jonathan McCormick

The "J" team novels

I plan a series of books featuring Agent Fukishura and the "J" Team as they track other CFBA cells and a plot to crash LAX flights. A spin-offseries will be with the "Jarc" SEAL team introduced in Wyoming Secrets.

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Self Defense is a matter of Mind Set and Skill Development “No, means No, and they didn’t understand that so I had to define it for them. And no, we don’t call 911.”

Jonathan McCormick

Jonathan McCormick

The Angel of the Night

by Lt. Col Dave Grossman

"Fear not the night.
Fear that which walks the night.
And I am that which walks the night.
But only evil need fear me
and gentle souls sleep safe in their beds
because I walk the night."